How to Have the Perfect Barn Wedding

When planning a wedding, picking a venue is often one of the biggest decisions for a newly engaged couple to make. In the past year or two, barn wedding venues have risen in popularity, with more and more owners converting barns into wedding venues or building new venues that are barns or have similar rustic sorts of features. These venues add an extra level of character and charm that is very appealing to many couples. Additionally, for couples who come from rural areas or have country backgrounds, there is an added level of nostalgia that comes from a barn venue. However, barn venues are popular amongst couples from all walks of life, and barn venues can be found just about anywhere.

Selecting Your Barn Venue

Just like any area of wedding planning, there are countless options when it comes to barn wedding venues. Some venues actually used to be working barns, owned by farmers and in a family for generations. This sort of venue’s authenticity may have an added draw too many couples, especially if one or both of them have a history of farming in their families. However, unless there have been significant updates and renovations done to such a venue, it may be lacking in many amenities to make it a better-suited wedding location.

These structures were not built with hosting weddings in mind, and they likely don’t have designated areas for the bride and groom to get ready, sophisticated kitchen and food prep areas, or a real designated ceremony space. For especially simple barn weddings, there may be concern about heating and air conditioning to keep guests comfortable.

On the other hand, barns that were built specifically to be venues may not have that same authentic charm, but they likely have these various amenities that can make the entire planning process and day of event smoother and easier. A couple should consider which factors are most important to them in planning their wedding.

Deciding on Décor

Naturally, barns offer a more rustic feel to a wedding, though some barns are specifically designed to have a more modern or urban style. It’s important to determine what sort of feel the wedding will have in order to figure out décor options. Some barns may provide a substantial amount of charm without adding much additional décor. It’s also important to speak with the venue owners about any specific rules the barn has. For example, old wooden barn venues frequently don’t allow candles or open flames, so if this sort of décor is important, make sure to check with the venue before deciding on a venue.

Plan for the Elements

Again, this can vary largely depending on the venue, but barn weddings often involve guests being outside, both for the ceremony and to mingle during the reception. Keep the type of year in mind, and be prepared to take extra steps for guests’ comfort. Providing things like bug spray, sunscreen, or blankets, depending on the weather, is a great way to make sure guests are protected. Always have a backup plan for rain as well. Be willing to supply umbrellas or have an indoor ceremony location, but it’s also important to consider a rain plan for the reception. Barn weddings often include outdoor activities like bonfires, roasting marshmallows, playing lawn games, or just having space for guests to sit and talk outdoors. Make sure to consider the possibility of rain and don’t rely too heavily on the outdoor space. These pieces of advice will help ensure a fun and memorable barn wedding for everyone.

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