5 Destinations to Visit Along the Gulf Coast

The Gulf of Mexico stretches across five states and touches three countries. With a variety of towns, beaches, and cultural and historical sites to explore, you don’t need to cross an entire ocean to see something amazing.

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Galveston, TX

You can find family fun and wild adventure in Galveston, a port city off the Gulf Coast of Texas. Miles of sandy beaches stretch along the famous sea wall that lines the charismatic town filled with restaurants and shops. With a Houston hobby to Galveston port shuttle, you can easily travel to and from Galveston from one of the largest airports in the country.

Destin, FL

A beautiful beach on the panhandle is a must-see for families with small children or golf lovers. With glorious year round weather and several condos available to rent, Destin is one of the more relaxing vacation spots along the Gulf. A trip to the Destin Harbor Boardwalk is always worth a visit too.

New Orleans, LA

Although New Orleans is not technically located on the Gulf, the Big Easy gets its spot on the list for its cultural and historical significance. The recognized birth place of jazz music, the home of the beignet, and one of the most haunted cities in America, New Orleans is a magnificent city to explore. There is also a wide array of exciting night life to keep you busy twenty-four hours a day.

Gulfport, MI

The smallest city on the list, but certainly one that packs a lot of charm. The local beach resides on the Mississippi Sound where surfers partake, and there is a small island off the coast where dolphins and seals are known to play. You can even touch some marine life at the city’s local ocean institute.

Cozumel, Mexico

This colorful and playful city is a gorgeous representation of the entire gulf. If you enjoy hiking in the jungle, exploring the ruins of ancient cities, zip-lining through trees, or snorkeling in crystal blue waters, then Cozumel is the destination for you.

There are so many amazing cities to explore along the Gulf of Mexico. Find one today for you and your interests.

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