Weston Androw, 7, died when he became trapped in an elevator at his family's vacation rental home on the Outer Banks in North Carolina in 2021.

Weston Androw, 7, died when he became trapped in an elevator at his family’s vacation rental home on the Outer Banks in North Carolina in 2021.

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Consumer protection officials announced a recall of thousands of elevators a year after a 7-year-old boy died getting trapped in one on North Carolina’s Outer Banks.

In July 2021, 7-year-old Weston Scott Androw died when he became trapped “between an elevator car and the elevator shaft” inside his family’s vacation rental in Corolla on the Outer Banks, according to WBNS. First responders found the boy, who was from Ohio, trapped in the elevator without a pulse, according to the Associated Press.

They were able to free the boy but weren’t able to revive him.

Now, state and national officials are taking steps to increase the safety of residential elevators and reduce risks to children.

Safety measures

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ejs9 / Getty Images/iStockphoto

Sandy beaches, blue water, swaying palm trees and lei-clad islanders probably enter your mind when you think about Hawaii. And if you’ve vacationed there lately, you know that a trip to this state is not exactly cheap. It’s definitely worth it, though, if you’re someone who values ​​all that Hawaii has to offer.

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Consider: Should You Still Buy a Home in Today’s Market?

If having a permanent place to stay in Hawaii is on your wish list, it might be possible for a lot less money than you might think. Although it wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine you’d have to shell out a million dollars or more to own a Hawaiian homethere are many locations in the Hawaiian Islands that have homes selling for an average price of under $1 million

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Towards the end of the year, more and more people want to take a vacation to unwind, either alone or with loved ones. However, often someone is confused about the idea of ​​an exciting year-end vacation. In order to have a peaceful vacation, of course we need careful preparation, starting from determining the destination, preparing the budget, and much more.

Here are the vacation ideas you can try & the savings tips!

The Most Exciting Year-End Vacation Ideas
Vacations are not just a vacation to the beach, just relaxing enjoying the silhouette of the dusk while drinking wine, really! To fill the holiday time, there are many other things that are no less exciting. Anything? Come on, try one of these activities!

Viral Culinary Hunting

Who likes food? For those of you who like to taste food in various places and are often poisoned by creators on TikTok, culinary tourism …

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After a bunch of peppy up-tempo numbers, you just know there is going to be at least one ballad somewhere in “The Griswolds’ Broadway Vacation,” the new musical with Broadway aspirations premiering at Seattle’s 5th Avenue Theatre. It arrives in the second act: “Doofus,” a tender ode from a much put-upon wife to her eternal screw-up of a husband.

The song encapsulates some of what is amiss with this oddly retro, very busy and fitfully amusing show, inspired by the National Lampoon film comedies of the 1980s and 1990s about a Chicago family’s holiday misadventures. Whether the cinematic Griswolds are traveling to a California amusement park, hitting Las Vegas or hosting relatives at home for Christmas, the occasions invariably turn into nightmarish disasters caused by a shlemiel dad’s dimwit decisions.

The five features in the franchise (that doesn’t count a made-for-tv sixth outing) took in more than $300 million at

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Mike Greenberg fans can rejoice the fact that the sports host has returned to ESPN with more regularity in recent weeks.

Despite having his own ESPN TV and radio shows, there was a period of months where you would be hard-pressed to find Greenberg behind the mic for either one of them. The mounting absences eventually prompted Pat McAfee to ask, “where the f*ck is Mike Greenberg?” a question that finally caused the masses to realize ESPN’s $6.5 million employee was off-air for an absurd amount of time.

Thursday morning, McAfee joined ESPN’s Get Up. And as they addressed McAfee’s own wardrobe, which typically consists of a black tank top, the former NFL punter referenced Greenberg’s lengthy vacation.

“Greeny, you know how much we care about your thoughts,” said McAfee. “Whenever you took like

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