4 Advantages of Traveling by Bus

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When you travel within the country, you have several options for transportation. These include buses and airplanes. Given the choice, many people opt for airplanes. However, traveling by bus can also offer you some significant advantages.

1. Scenery

An airplane gives you a bird’s-eye view of the world below you. While that can be spectacular, it means that you miss a lot of little interesting details. Bus companies in MD often run routes through some gorgeous areas of the country, such as through valleys and over rivers, and you get to view them close up.

2. Luggage

Have you ever wondered why airlines charge you extra to check luggage? You may think that it’s because of weight restrictions or safety or something like that. Nope. It turns out that charging you extra for luggage is a way for airlines to keep turning a profit. A bus company may occasionally charge extra for bringing luggage on as well, but the price of your bus ticket includes your luggage 99% of the time.

3. Costs

Probably the biggest advantage of traveling by bus compared to flying is the price of a ticket. A round-trip plane ticket usually costs hundreds of dollars, not counting the cost to check your luggage, even if you choose a bare-bones flight in the cheapest seating section. Now, the price you pay for your bus trip depends on how far you have to travel, but a round trip may be closer to $120, without any extra luggage fee.

4. Time

Granted, it typically takes longer to travel by bus than to fly. However, you need to arrive at the airport several hours early, which doesn’t count the time it takes to get there in the first place. An hour flight may take five to six hours altogether. If you’re going to be spending the time anyway, you might as well be spending it on a bus.

Buses and airplanes also offer you the option of chartering your own private trip or booking a seat on a scheduled route.

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