Want a Really Clean Home? Do These 2 Things

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If someone were to ask you how clean your home is, what would you say? Regardless of your cleaning methods, taking a closer look at how effective they are is important. There’s always room for improvement. Read on for two things to incorporate into your cleaning routine to ensure your home is left in the best shape possible.

1.) Improve the Air You Breathe

Sure, cleaning on the surface can be pretty quick and easy. Running a vacuum or a mop, wiping down counters and scrubbing your bathroom are all very effective. But what about the things you can’t get to that easily; the things you can’t exactly see? Start off by focusing on your home’s air handling system. If you’ve never scheduled air duct cleaning Santa Monica, you’re going to want to add that to your list right now. Here’s a scary tidbit — the air inside of your home can be more polluted than the air outside, leading to allergies and respiratory issues. Your health will benefit and you’ll feel better knowing that your home is truly cleaner.

2.) Thoroughly Clean Your Walls

Did you know that washing your walls is a thing in the realm of housekeeping? It is, and for good reason. It’s a wonderful way to not only scrub away unsightly debris (hello, cobwebs); it also powers away irritating allergens, lingering fingerprints and dirt, and buildup from soot and cooking. Chances are the water will be pretty murky by the time you’re done and there’s also a 99.9% chance that you’ll be amazed by how much brighter and cleaner your home feels after taking the last swipe with your sponge.

Cleaning doesn’t need to be complicated, but going above and beyond every so often will really make a difference in your home. Every little bit counts. 

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