The Most Exciting Year-End Vacation Ideas

Towards the end of the year, more and more people want to take a vacation to unwind, either alone or with loved ones. However, often someone is confused about the idea of ​​an exciting year-end vacation. In order to have a peaceful vacation, of course we need careful preparation, starting from determining the destination, preparing the budget, and much more.

Here are the vacation ideas you can try & the savings tips!

The Most Exciting Year-End Vacation Ideas
Vacations are not just a vacation to the beach, just relaxing enjoying the silhouette of the dusk while drinking wine, really! To fill the holiday time, there are many other things that are no less exciting. Anything? Come on, try one of these activities!

Viral Culinary Hunting

Who likes food? For those of you who like to taste food in various places and are often poisoned by creators on TikTok, culinary tourism can be an exciting vacation idea. Just come to the hawker center and eat to your heart’s content! Make sure you have prepared a special budget for eating, okay~

Past (Historical) Tour to Museum, Temple, or Monument

Nostalgia of the past is endless. However, the context of his past tourism is not personal, you know, yes. The point is to come to a museum, temple, monument, or historical site.

Coming to a historical site seems to take you back several hundred years. The artifacts are silent witnesses of important historical events from time to time.

Watching Theater Performances

Watching movies may be normal, because we can only see actors and actresses through the screen. It’s different from watching theater, because this one role art is performed directly in front of the audience’s eyes. The atmosphere and emotions will be much more striking, because we witness the physical actors and actresses directly.

Check your calendar, maybe there is a theater performance that you can visit to fill the year-end holidays!

Staycation at Hotel Aesthetic

If traveling outside the city is quite tiring for you, you can, you know, staycation at a hotel in the city. A hotel room with an aesthetic interior design can be a relaxing end-of-year healing option. You can choose a hotel with a view of the city lights which is really good for contemplating future resolutions.

Go to the amusement park

If your year-end vacation time is limited, don’t worry. Maybe amusement parks like Dunia Fantasi (Dufan), Jungleland, and many more. Enjoy various challenging rides and test your adrenaline at the amusement park. It must be really fun!

Camping with Family

One of the most recommended vacation ideas that you can try with your family is camping. This activity can be a relief from fatigue as well as rekindle the relationship between family members. Currently, there are many campgrounds with beautiful natural scenery in highland areas such as Bogor, Bandung, and other locations. Choose your favorite location according to your budget.

Hiking with Friends

Mountains are like mothers, a place of escape when we are in need of a new spirit. Maybe mountain climbers have heard the quote above. Many of them make the mountain as a place to go home, unwind, and build new spirit again when they go down. Hiking with friends can be an interesting option to build new spirits in the new year.

City Tour

Not a few people who have never visited various destinations in the city where they live. You can take advantage of the year-end holidays to get around the city. Explore and find your favorite healing spot!

Cultural Tourism

Indonesia is a country with cultural diversity. Every culture has its own uniqueness. One area that offers cultural tourism is Yogyakarta. In Yogyakarta, you can try various things, such as coming to the Ramayana Ballet at Prambanan Temple, taking batik classes, and making local souvenirs.

Watch a Concert of Favorite Musicians

After the Covid-19 pandemic, event organizers competed to hold massive music events as a remedy for missing concerts for music lovers in the country. Many concerts are held towards the end of the year. For those of you who are ready to save to watch your favorite musician’s concert, make sure you buy the ticket, OK!

Read Books at the National Library

For introverts, spending time alone is fun. So that your holiday time doesn’t run out at home, you can spend your me-time by reading a collection of books at the National Library of the Republic of Indonesia, you know. With a calm atmosphere and a view of the icon of the city of Jakarta, namely Monas in front of your eyes, it will certainly be an exciting holiday experience for you.

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