To the Maldives With a Backpacker Budget, Here Are the Tips!

It’s not wrong if the Maldives has the title of the best tropical beach tour in the world. However, so far many people think that the Maldives is an expensive tour. Only the upper middle class can reach it. However, in reality, that’s not true.

In the past, vacations to the Maldives seemed expensive. Lodging for tourists only has resorts, which are very expensive. This is due to the fact that each resort has its own island!
But lately, along with the increasing popularity of backpacker-style vacations and traveling on a budget, many lodgings have begun to appear at more affordable prices and are located on this inhabited island.

Here are tips and tricks that you can apply to travel cheaply to the Maldives, starting from:

1 Stay at an Affordable Resort

Since 2009, not only islands with luxury resorts have been opened to tourists as before.
This was welcomed by local residents. They are competing to build lodging at affordable prices.
Maldives is now friendly for backpacker tourists’ pockets. You can look for lodging on Maafushi Island. Even though it is quite far from the capital city of Male, this island is a place for backpackers to gather.
There are many lodgings here with quite affordable prices for the Maldives class.

2 Find Cheap Flight Tickets

Since the proliferation of cheap accommodations, the number of tourists to the Maldives has been increasing.
Several airlines have started opening routes to the Maldives. Many even offer promo tickets.
To be more economical, you have to be diligent in checking ticket prices so you can get promo tickets that are much cheaper.

3 Don’t Come On Friday

Maldives is a country with a majority Muslim population. Friday is a holy day for Maldives.
There were no ships operating that day. It’s best to avoid visiting the Maldives on Friday. You will find it difficult to find ships to cross to other islands.

4 Cheap Eating Strategy

Even if you stay at a hotel for under US$50, the average hotel will definitely provide breakfast.
Breakfast will be the main factor supporting the implementation of your traveling activities so that they run well. You can take advantage of the breakfast package provided by the hotel instead of having to buy it outside.

5 Don’t Bring Too Much Money Rufiyaa

Rufiyaa is the currency of the Maldives. We recommend that you exchange money first before starting your vacation to the Maldives. Because, on the local islands there are no ATM machines.
In fact, some restaurants and resorts do not provide EDC machines for payment by credit card. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you bring cash in the form of Rufiyaa.

6 Use the Ferry

As an archipelagic country, ferries or ships are the main means of transportation in the Maldives. There are two types of ferries there, namely local and private ferries. Local ferries are quite cheap, starting from IDR 3,000-20 thousand, depending on the destination. For local ferries the price is more expensive.

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