The Glorious City of Pune

The rush and traffic that we all see in Bangalore is sometimes unbearable. To get relief from this hectic schedule, one can fly to Pune and relax for a few days. Pune was once the base of Peshwas of the Maratha Empire, which lasted from 1674 to 1818. There is only one forest in Pune, and that is Pachgaon Parvati forest. Pune is a perfect place for vacations. People from around the world come here to enjoy some days in Pune. So, if you feel bored and you are looking for a change, book a flight from Bangalore to Pune and load all the things that you’ll need there.

Places that one can explore in Pune –

Shaniwar Wada Palace

A prominent historical landmark in Pune is Shaniwarwada. Shaniwarwada was a seven-storied capital building of the Peshwas and they wanted to make the building only of one stone alone.  But later, Peshwas were asked to continue the construction of building only with bricks. When the British attacked, only base floor survived while others were destroyed. Only descriptions of the place are available as many of its interiors were devastated over the centuries. There are many other things to explore about this beautiful place.

You can find Shaniwar Wada Palace open throughout the week from 8:00 am to 6:30 pm, with an amazing light and sound show, to refresh your mood in evenings.

Vetal Tekdi

Vetal hill in Pune is the highest point with a height of 2600 feet above the sea level. The Vetal temple is also located on the top of the hill. The hill got its name from the temple itself. Adventure seekers come here in groups to escape from the noise of the city. Vetal Tekdi is a Marathi name; one can see the whole city from the top of the hill. A person who loves the environment and greenery will enjoy the beauty of this place the most. The hill accommodates different varieties of Flora and Fauna.

Mi A Mi Club

For clubbing places to visit in Pune, Mi A Mi club offers the most refreshing break for party animals in the city. With a spectacular ambience, electrifying music and delectable dishes, this place offers an unforgettable night. You can showcase your dancing talent as well. This place offers you a list of cocktails.

Adlabs Imagica

It is the most advertised and latest addition theme park of Pune. The park has many wonderful rides such as water rides, thrill rides and much more. One can try all the thrill rides at the amusement park, take photos with the various cartoon characters on the ground, and enjoy the shows by magicians, clowns and jugglers.


This is a scenic hill town renowned as a paragliding destination near Pune. This interesting place is surrounded by small villages, cave temples and forests. People can go for paragliding activities, trekking, rock climbing and rappelling. These are some adventurous things that attract the tourists most.


This is one of the best places near Pune that is surrounded by Sahyadri ranges. This place is covered with lush greenery, heavy rainfall and small streams. People enjoy trekking here.

Pune is filled with entertaining places to explore. Book a ticket after checking the bangalore to pune flights fare schedule, and enjoy your tour of this amazing city!

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