Mumbai’s Best Restaurants for Yummy Burmese Food


Burmese cuisine is a favourite of many Indians. It comprises of various exotic dishes of the Myanmar region. It mainly consists of fish items like ngapi and fish sauce. Burmese cuisine is highly influenced by the Indian cuisine, Thai Cuisine, and Chinese cuisine. Sea food is the common food in this cuisine and is considered as the main source of protein. Here are top Mumbai restaurants that serve authentic Burmese Food.

38 Degree East

38 Degree East is one of the best restaurants in Powai for Burmese food. Its ambience is very well-designed and it is one of the perfect places to enjoy your weekends. The staffs here are very courteous.

When it comes to food, regulars recommend Coconut Mojito, Veg Sushi, Mocktails, Brownie, Gulab Jamun, Spring Roll and Khau Suey. They also provide the best offers on alcohol. Cocktail and flame shots are a must-try in the alcohol section. The desserts and cookie shakes are must-try items at the end of your meal. It is thickened with nitrogen and looks like ice-cream. On a final note, if you are looking for the best Burmese food at Mumbai restaurants, then this would be the right pick. Moreover, the prices at this restaurant are pocket-friendly.

Little Asia

Little Asia is located near Mahakali, Mumbai. It serves Burmese, Chinese, Malaysian and Thai cuisines. Burmese cuisine is one of the main attractions of this restaurant. They serve authentic Burmese food. The service of the staff at this restaurant is very well-mannered. It is a small restaurant, but neatly designed and it has a decent seating arrangement. You cannot complain about its ambience or décor as it has such an eye-catchy ambience. You will fall in love with the decor as soon as you enter.

The aroma and taste of the food served here is very pleasant. Burmese dishes seem to look so simple, but you can’t take your eyes off when the dish is served. Regulars recommend Bamboo rice, Tom Kha Soup and Mohinga. This is also one of the best restaurants to try authentic Burmese cuisines at pocket-friendly prices.

The Bowl House

The Bowl House located in Ghatkopar, West Mumbai. The interior décor is refreshing and well-designed and the staffs are very courteous. Once you enter this place, you are completely cut down from the outside chaos. There’s get a sumptuous buffet spread offered here at a very affordable price. Moreover, the list of dishes available in this restaurant is quite extensive when compared to other restaurants serving Burmese cuisine.

Regulars recommend Fish in hunan sauce, Veg tempura, Grilled fish in banana leaves and Burmese Khaosuey. Apart from the buffet, few items are bit expensive, but they are definitely worth the price you pay. You must definitely try the Burmese fish varieties. Overall, this is one of the best restaurants to visit if you are planning to explore Burmese cuisine.

It’s hard to find Burmese restaurants as easily as you would find a Chinese or North Indian restaurant. The options listed here are the best in Mumbai to relish Burmese food.

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