Boutique hotel: the sensory experience of your best holiday

The boutique hotel are certainly not new in the Italian luxury scene: the concept dates back in fact to the eighties when New York and London began to look like the first design alcoves. What strikes the trend is to get married perfectly with this vision: to give a tailored cut to a hotel, dress up every room of a different light. The choice of materials and the allure of which each room is dressed, they give their personality to every single room and corner so as to realize a real jewel of design and services to accommodate even and above all the most demanding customers. The demands and requirements of hotel customers are changing continuously. Guests have become conscious consumers who know exactly what to require and what to expect from a hotelier. Those who go on their way do so to reach an autoflowering place or a place that reflects their ego. The market niches have a guaranteed future, as the number of people looking for experiences other than mass is constantly growing. In this new very special system in which emotions play a decisive role, what are the aspects most affecting guests when we talk about a boutique hotel? Let’s find them together.

  1. Well being equates to living a unique experience in the hotel
    A boutique hotel must understand the values ​​and lifestyles of guests and how to impress them emotionally. These people can appreciate restaurant proposals, hotel design or any other aspect. Eventually, however, the decision whether to return or not will be dictated only by emotions. That’s why a boutique hotel needs to send it.
  2. A successful boutique hotel is made of people who work with great engagement
    Competing with larger chains can be difficult. However, successful boutique hotels are where all the actors of the sales process, from the guest to the hotel staff, feel part of the brand, emotionally even before it is economically.
  3. A boutique hotel creates connections
    A boutique hotel can choose to connect with its guests in many ways: it can accommodate each guest with a personalized card, use the loyalty points that reward customers with discounts on hotel services or gift weddings. In the boutique hotel the guest does not pass, he leaves a mark, establishes a friendly relationship with the hotel, he is part of it and reflects in its philosophy.
  4. A boutique hotel is not just a nice room
    Once the bedroom was the focal point of every hotel. But things have changed. Today, public space matters more. All in all, it’s easy to guarantee your guests a good bed, a relaxing shower, a comfortable bath and darkening tendons: any hotel can offer all this. A boutique hotel must be eccentric, must have the courage to dare, must adapt, change over time according to the wishes of the guests and must offer an active space, a place where it is pleasant to chat, meet, socialize but also admire works of art , taste fine wines or read books of interest.

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