WOW Philippines Travel Agency

Travel AgencyOnly those who do not question, don’t analysis, don’t protect themselves, can be scammed. If one thing feels too good to be true, it is.

Every time I submit a brand new article in my Writing Is … collection, their ad reveals up. I am struck by a blinding want to put in writing one thing within the biggest, boldest print I can manage: DO NOT PAY ATTENTION TO THIS AD – they’re bottom-feeding pond scum that attach themselves to the dwelling our bodies of aspiring writers and suck out all their goals and the money from their wallets.

Some names” associated with all of these businesses: Georgina Orr, Georgina Scott, Rey Best, Ray Kyle, Sherry Fine, Hil Mallory, Mary Bluestone, Mark Bredt, Janet Dublino, Robert Fletcher, Robert West, Paul Anderson, Peter Parente, Jill Mast and Andrea. Supposedly in line with the newest data despatched to me by RR, my consumer, at present these are the energetic names”: Robert Fletcher, President; Sherry Fine, VP-Acquisitions; Hill Mallory – Agent; Andrea – Director of Client Relations.

Thanks cajunrooster – yes they are tempting and that is how they work. The purpose they are tempting is they play on the desires of writers to feel a sense of success. I’m certain that deep of their hearts, writers know something is up – it’s too simple. Instead of taking the lengthy haul – rewrites, edits, extra rewrites – querying, waiting – these folks offer the hope of speedy success. I’ve viewed the manuscripts of a few victims of these people – and with out fail, they have been positively not products ready for circulation, let alone publishing.

I cannot believe my eyes there actually is a google ad right at the prime of your web page. My adsense account was disabled and I am not a criminal however they do business with extortionists? Thanks for the heads up I can be aware. They have also approached folks here at Hubpages one I know of is Bearclawmedia…he did not fall for it however they obtained ugly with him when he declined. He wrote a hub about it too.

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