Tips for Surviving a Long Layover

There are many reasons you might experience a long layover when traveling. Layovers are the amount of time that is spent waiting between one flight and another.

The layover is sometimes unintended; a delay that is caused by the airline or poor weather conditions. In many cases, the layover travel is planned, usually offering you a steep discount on the high costs of travel. At the time of booking, the layover travel probably seemed like a great idea. That is, until you are sitting in the airport, with no access to your luggage, tired, and bored. Don’t let long layovers ruin your entire trip. A lot of layovers last for many hours, giving you sufficient time to enjoy the city or to relax in one of our day hotels.

Start your Vacation Early

If your vacation is planned to increase relaxation and to reduce stress, why wait until you have reached your destination? Check into a local day use hotel room, take a warm bath, order a movie, or schedule a massage. You could even order room service directly to your room and enjoy an appetizing hotel meal, while also refreshing and relaxing. Specifically planning layover travel is a great way to essentially visit two cities in one trip. Many people use layovers to experience two vacations for the price of one.

Explore the City

Especially long layovers give you ample time to explore the city you are currently in. A lot of layovers occur in airports that are located in larger cities such as New York City, Washington, D.C., and Chicago.

Some travelers view these larger airports as the worst layover destinations. Instead of looking at your layover as a negative event, use this opportunity to extend the activities of your vacation or trip. Take in some local sightseeing, have lunch overlooking the beautiful scenery of the city, or join in on a city tour. Renting a day use hotel allows you to store your belongings and gives you full access to the city.

Wall-length mirror in exercise room with various cardio equipment, free weights and exercise balls.
Bridging a layover at Embassy Suites By Hilton LAX affords you the use of all the amenities as well as a productive room to work and relax.


The majority of Americans find it difficult to exercise regularly. Between work priorities and social engagements, exercise tends to take a back burner to everything else. What better time is there to take advantage of your free time and utilize the exercise room at your local hotel? You’ll find it difficult to come up with excuses to not work out when you are forced to sit around and wait anyway. Booking a same day hotel will make it easier to clean up and change, still making it in time for your next flight.


Perhaps your trip is planned for entertainment only purposes. However, if you’re anything like the majority of Americans, it is likely you will have to respond to work emails or questions throughout your vacation. You can utilize this layover travel to get important work tasks completed. Get everything out of the way while you are stranded, and you will enjoy your vacation much more. Many hotels have quiet and fully equipped work rooms that are perfect as a day use hotel. You might also find the quiet of a local HotelsByDay room to be conductive of a great work environment. If you are actually traveling for work, use this time to prepare for important upcoming work meetings.


While many tourists plan to sleep during airplane travel, very few actually accomplish this. The temperature of the cabin never seems comfortable. There is almost always a crying baby somewhere on board. It also always seems that when you are the most tired from travel that you also get a chatty neighbor. Accomplishing sleep in the airport is even more difficult. It’s tough to find a comfortable position and you worry about the safety of your belongings. What if you could spend your layover on a memory foam mattress, with a guaranteed wake up call, and your own control of the thermostat? Renting a half day stay hotel room, whether it is in the morning, afternoon, or evening hours is a great way to catch up on the sleep you are losing during travel. By the time you arrive at your planned destination, you’ll feel fully refreshed and ready to begin your vacation.

No more limitations of long layover travel

You might feel limited when it comes to surviving long layovers. You can only spend so much time sitting around the airport, people watching, and waiting or your next flight. Eventually, it can cause you to feel groggy and it can take away from your exciting vacation plans. With HotelsByDay, you can check in to a same day hotel room, even for just a couple of hours. When you have a room to store your personal items and to relax, you will find that it is easier to get through long layover travel times.

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