The Definitive Guide to PNR Numbers


The PNR number is provided by the IRCTC at the time of ticket generation. In case you are wondering if there is any logic behind the seemingly random numbers, then you are right; there is an order behind the random numbers and letters. Want to know what these are? Then read on and stay informed.

Your very own guide to knowing the PNR number

Knowing all about the PNR numbers can help you easily understand your PNR Status and comfortably leverage the reservation facilities provided by the IRCTC.

This guide has all the answers associated with the PNR numbers that you always look for.

  1. What is a PNR number?

The PNR number contains 10 digits that are provided by the Indian railway at the time of ticket generation. Every digit of this number holds an important information about the ticket.

  1. What is the significance of PNR?

PNR or the Passenger Name Record helps in managing the computer based reservation facilities. This management helps the authorities as well as passengers in many ways. Information regarding the passengers and their traveling status becomes clear due to the PNR that is provided by IRCTC. Finding the correct information and presenting it to the passenger becomes much easier with PNR. Otherwise, there is no way of finding the information piece from the vast database of the Indian railway.

  1. What information does the PNR contain?

There are various informational pieces that are included in the PNR. These informational pieces include:

  1. Passenger details

The details of the passengers are attached to PNR. These details include the name of the passenger, the sex, age, and date of birth. The personal details help in creating a clear identity of the passenger who is travelling.

  1. Ticket details

The details of the ticket are also attached to PNR. The information related to the train number and the date of the journey is included. Similarly, the boarding station, the quota, class and other travel related information makes it easy for the passengers to board.

  1. Transaction details

Payment related information is also provided in the PNR. The passenger gets to have a transaction ID, ticket charge and also the mode of payment.

  1. What do the 10 digits of PNR say?

After understanding the PNR, you can now understand the significance of the 10 digits of the PNR number.

  1. First Digit

The first digit of the PNR number showcases the zone associated with the railway:

2,3- NCR, NER, NWR, NR

4,5- SWR, SR, SCR


8,9- WCR, CR, WR

  1. Second and third digits

The second and the third digit of the PNR are generated according to the PRS (Passenger Reservation System) associated with the selected zone.

  1. Final seven digits

The rest of the digits are generated randomly including the information associated with the journey.

A PNR number holds the validity for about 9 months. The use of a PNR number can be repeated after a period of one year.

So, that is all on the PNR and the PNR number. Hopefully, now you have a clear idea of the significance of the PNR number. Hopefully, this guide will help you gather information easily and leverage the computer based ticketing facility provided by IRCTC.


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