Special Clothes Can Help You Stay Cool in Extreme Heat

Whether you work outdoors or engage in hours of outdoor recreational activity, too much exposure to extreme temperatures can be hazardous. Even if you work indoors, near ovens or other heat sources, it may be especially important for you look for ways to cool your body down. In any of these situations, your body may absorb the heat and become dehydrated in a very short amount of time. This can cause serious health problems, such as heat exhaustion.

Fortunately, modern technology has helped us create resources that help us combat heat, even in extreme conditions. Cooling clothing helps regulate body temperature and can even save lives in some situations. These items are worn by construction workers, welders, sandblasters, and other skilled workers, so you can feel confident that they do help to keep the body cooler.

One of the most popular types of clothing that makes use of this technology is the cooling vest. Keeping the torso cool is particularly important, because heat stress can cause respiratory distress or heart failure. Each vest typically contains two layers of cooling inserts that help to fight off the effects of excessive heat, yet most vests of this type are very light and easily worn. They’re designed for rugged activities and can provide cooling for several hours at a time.

Many manufacturers recognized that cooling vests needed to fit people of various physiques. This is why there are vests exclusively designed to fit women, while also coming in a wide range of sizes. This helps ensure anyone can benefit from the technology that makes cooling clothing possible.

While vests are most popular, they’re, by no means, the only type of cooling clothing. Manufacturers produce leggings, gloves, and even cooling collars, which all work to regulate body temperature. Although extreme heat poses a risk to human health, being able to tolerate those temperatures is necessary in many situations. This is why cooling technology has been applied to clothing. Keeping the body cool and hydrated significantly reduces the risk of a wide range of health conditions that might otherwise compromise a worker’s safety.

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