How Is Wikivoyage Different From Wikitravel? (2)

Wiki TravelI carried out plenty of research on gap years when I reached the top of my schooling, so though I by no means actually had a niche year in the long run, it appeared a waste to not share the cool web sites I found, and I hope that they help and encourage you.

My plan for this journey to Thailand was primarily based on a considerably corny imaginative and prescient: I wished to climb a limestone cliff with my naked fingers and look out at the ocean under, while pursuing a mind empty of stray ideas. That meant I had three primary questions: Where can I find mountaineering in Thailand? What sort of folks go there? And where can I stay? On all three questions, Wikitravel didn’t ship—partly as a result of it’s still new but additionally as a result of, mockingly, Wikitravel fails to capitalize on the complete potential of the Web.

w/r/t becoming a member of Wikimedia, I assume we’ve talked about it before, but frankly we’re having numerous fun doing this as an independent challenge. We’ve bought a superb server, and we’re transferring to a colo facility soon. I dunno if the Wikimedia admins want one other service to support. joining the larger group at the Wikimedia Foundation (WMF), a non-profit, charitable organisation which runs many wikis including Wikipedia.

I realized that this was not 100{bec968d67509688ea725edf755de7a77479cd4534f635388206810792c1c8b41} true. I am not a lawyer, by the best way. The following will not be authorized advice. One of the things about en:trademark , no less than in the USA, is that you must actively defend your trademark. If you sue somebody for trademark infringement, they usually can show that you have not been enforcing that trademark, a choose can resolve that you simply lose the trademark.

Also, Mr. Wu’s experience can’t be solely blamed on Wikitravel. He failed to recognize that we’ve district” articles, which describe districts of cities. If he had known this, or paid closer attention, he would have been ready discover the motels he claimed we did not provide. To clear up the problem, we instituted a new template” which tells readers off the bat that the actual web page they are looking at is for a huge” metropolis and the reader ought to have a look at the district articles.

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