Proposed ordinance for Oceano would prevent new vacation rentals

To address the housing shortage and rent price increases a proposed ordinance for the community of Oceano would prevent new vacation rentals.

The proposal is specific to the area of ​​the town away from the coast, making the dwellings available for long-term residents.

Current vacation rentals would not be affected under the new ordinance, but that protection will no longer exist if the home is sold.

Airbnb and short-term rental properties would not be affected.

Daisy Garcia is fond of her quiet neighborhood in Oceano. She has lived there for a decade and appreciates the community connection she has cultivated.

“I know pretty much everybody here and it’s very homey and it’s like a very quiet neighborhood, but in the summer when a lot of tourists come it gets really crowded,” said Daisy Garcia,” Oceano resident.

Tourists flock to the Central Coast each year to enjoy the beautiful beaches, especially in the summer months – and Garcia says that creates crowds and traffic.

“A lot of residents also feel the same way when tourists just kind of ruin like our beaches,” said Garcia.

Gabriel Cerbantes acknowledges the economic benefit of vacation rentals and how they can attract more people to the area and boost spending, however as a long-term resident he agrees they take away from the community aspect.

“I think short-term rentals are going to keep people from making the community more stable,” said Gabriel Cerbantes, Grover Beach resident.

He is glad the community is taking steps toward creating more housing and fewer vacation rentals.

“I think short-term rentals are not the answer. I think more buildings in the area might be the answer,” said Cerbantes.

The Oceano Advisory Council is planning a couple of community meetings about this ordinance later this month on the 20th and 22nd.

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