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When paper tickets had been still ceaselessly used, a apply existed by travellers to get rid of their tickets (that are particular person-particular), after they decided to alter the course of their journeys. This practice consisted of promoting the ticket to different travellers (often at discount costs), after which the vendor accompanied the buyer on the time of departure to the airport. Here, the unique proprietor checked in below his identify and provided the airline with the customer’s baggage. After this, the customer boarded the airplane for the time being of departure. 3 However, since most airways test identification on boarding, this procedure is rarely useful.

I would submit to you that that is bad business. Instead of having a credit on my account which would really encourage me to plan a visit and more doubtless than not spend further cash with Southwest Airlines over and above the amount of the credit, you have as a substitute made me much less prone to fly with your airline. Things happen in people’s lives which aren’t always controllable and you’ve penalized me for really no cause apart from greed.

Six months glided by and I was still unable to make use of this ticket. So last March I misplaced the remaining $102.20 credit score on my account, an quantity that’s fairly paltry to some but means, presently, so much to me. You have essentially chosen to take my cash in alternate for nothing when it could have been completely easy to leave this credit on my Southwest Airlines account (observe that I am not asking for or expecting a refund). Essentially, I have been penalized for not being a frequent flyer.

The IATA estimates the potential financial savings associated with electronic ticketing at $3 billion a yr globally. On common, an airline spends $10 to course of a paper ticket in contrast with $1 to course of an electronic ticket. That could attraction to U.S. airlines hungry to cut prices as a result of as paper tickets change into much less widespread, the cost of processing them will rise, Lott said.

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