There are many reasons you might experience a long layover when traveling. Layovers are the amount of time that is spent waiting between one flight and another.

The layover is sometimes unintended; a delay that is caused by the airline or poor weather conditions. In many cases, the layover travel is planned, usually offering you a steep discount on the high costs of travel. At the time of booking, the layover travel probably seemed like a great idea. That is, until you are sitting in the airport, with no access to your luggage, tired, and bored. Don’t let long layovers ruin your entire trip. A lot of layovers last for many hours, giving you sufficient time to enjoy the city or to relax in one of our day hotels.

Start your Vacation Early

If your vacation is planned to increase relaxation and to reduce stress, why wait until you have

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“Thank you is the best prayer that anyone could say. I saw that one a lot. Thank you expresses extreme gratitude, humility, understanding.” – Alice Walker

The bed sheets are crisp. The bathroom is sparkling. The mini fridge is stocked to perfection. Sometimes, there’s even an exciting amenity like complimentary chocolate or a local magazine to indulge in.

The hotel fairies (otherwise known as the housekeeping staff) have been at it again.

When it comes to the hospitality industry, the housekeeping staff is often the unsung hero of your hotel stay. And showing gratitude, whether that’s by tipping, leaving a handwritten note, or saying thank you in your own unique way — can make a big difference.

In a post on LinkedIn, bestselling author and entrepreneur, Robert Glazer, discusses being inspired by his mentor Warren Rustand to implement this simple yet generous act during his family travels. He discusses another

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Travel AgencyThe Travel Agency Operations on-line certificates program is designed for individuals who want to enter into a retail facet of the journey industry. The program will put together you for employment in journey businesses, consolidators and airways. Emphasis shall be on those particular skills required to develop into a reliable travel skilled. The on-line delivery provides an opportunity to complete this program on your own schedule. Each course is between 15 to 30 hours lengthy and it have to be completed inside 90 days. Courses must be taken within the specified order. All 11 courses should be accomplished inside three years.

Hi Silviadale – the reality is you should not pay to have your books printed besides by a self-publishing firm to which you have turned with your eyes open. Bantam Books or any other traditional publisher pays the author – by no means the other means round. To everyone …

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Booking and departing for a trip should be straightforward, but unwanted stresses can undoubtedly occur. From long delays to dodgy food, myriad things could jeopardize your travel plans or tarnish your flying experience.

Luckily we’ve outlined some airline travel secrets so you can beat any potential problems that could occur before and during your flight.

You Can Get Compensation When Flights Go Wrong (Sometimes)

Is there anything worse than arriving at the airport, trudging through security and eventually brandishing your passport excitedly at check-in only to be told that your flight is overbooked or late? If you’re unlucky enough to lose your seat on a plane, you may be entitled to compensation. But don’t rush to accept the airline’s initial voucher offer. Depending on how much later your schedule is pushed back you could be in line for a bigger payday. 

When You Can Request Money for Being Bumped Off

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I’m not really sure where or when my love affair with Mexico City began (perhaps that fateful viewing of Amores Perros back in high school?) Suffice to say, between its amazing food, culture, and urban beauty the CDMX has long been on my list of places to visit. So when I saw a crazy round trip deal for $268 USD, I jumped at the chance to finally have the urban adventure of my dreams in Mexico City.  

Before I dive into my day-to-day travel itinerary, a few important things to note when traveling to Mexico City:


Mexico City is a huge international metropolis with a population of 9 million people, so hotels and hostels are easy enough to find. However, I would highly suggest an Airbnb as your money will go further here. For under $100 USD/night, you can stay in a beautiful art deco loft in one of

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