A man doesn’t know how to handle his girlfriend’s response to him going on vacation.

He asked Reddit’s “Relationship Advice” forums for help. His girlfriend doesn’t want him to go on an 11-day vacation without her. She insisted it was because she would be completely alone without him. But he doesn’t think that’s his problem.

“My (25F) girlfriend is crazy mad at me(24M) because I’m going on vacation with my group of friends,” he wrote. “Some of them are even bringing their girlfriends but mine isn’t going because she can’t take vacations at work.”

The girlfriend is upset because she would be alone for 11 days, doesn’t have any friends in her area and he won’t be able to text her all day. She’s also fuming because he’s the only guy who isn’t bringing his girlfriend.

“I love her but I’m not sure if I can keep

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