A man on Reddit has described a frustrating situation involving his pregnant wife and an upcoming holiday.

in the posta user going by the name of Randomname69696969 describes how since his wife has recently had to give up alcohol while pregnant, she also expects him to abstain.

The frustrated partner explains how they were planning a trip abroad and asked if the no drinking rule would still apply on holiday, “and she said of course. I’ve now decided I won’t be paying for us to take this trip. AITA ?”

pregnant woman and alcohol
Drinking while pregnant. Stock images. A study from 2022 has found that it is safer for the unborn baby if both partners stop drinking for the duration of the pregnancy.
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Drinking alcohol at any time during a pregnancy can harm a baby’s developing brain and other organs. The National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism reports that

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  • As Americans take to the seas again, they’re making all kinds of cruise errors.
  • Failing to check passports is among the common mistakes.
  • As COVID continues to affect cruises in unexpected ways, expect a minefield of potential mistakes.

When Katie Whittington canceled her 14-day transatlantic sailing from New York to London on the Norwegian Getaway, she made one of the most common post-pandemic cruise mistakes: She didn’t read the fine print on her ticket.

Instead, she took a Norwegian Cruise Line representative at his word.

“A customer service representative told me they could cancel my cruise and that I’d receive a future cruise credit for the full amount I paid,” she says.

So Whittington expected a $4,725 future cruise credit. Instead, her cruise line applied a 75% cancellation fee and refunded the other 25%.

As Americans take to the seas again, they’re making all kinds of cruise errors, from not

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Kriti Sanon started out as an outsider trying to make a name in the industry eight years and now she recently went on to win the Filmfare Award for Best Actress for her performance as a surrogate in Mimi. After the stupendous win, she decided to take a vacation with her family and close ones to celebrate the momentous occasion.

Kriti Sanon takes a vacation with family to celebrate her dream come true of winning the Best Actress award

Kriti Sanon takes a vacation with family to celebrate her dream come true of winning the Best Actress award

A source close to the actress shared, “Kriti has been dreaming of this moment ever since she even thought of being an actor, so when she finally won Best Actress, she was ecstatic and literally planned a last minute vacation to celebrate the dream come true , with her family and close ones.” The source added, “Kriti has taken a vacation after really long. She has been shooting non-stop for

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The internet has criticized a woman who is upset at her family for going to her sister’s 21st birthday vacation without her after she stopped speaking to another sibling.

in a post shared on Mumsnet under the username MarvelMom, she wrote that she recently “fell out” with her 23-year-old sister because she treated her badly, but her family still speaks to her and is about to go on a holiday with the sibling but not her.

women argue
A stock image shows two women having an argument. The internet has criticized a woman who is upset her family is going without her on a Paris trip to celebrate her sister’s birthday.
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Research by Cornell University shows that about 27 percent of Americans aged 18 and older have cut off contact with a family member, with most saying that they were upset by the rift. This percentage means at least 67

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Being a ski bum on the East Coast is no easy feat.

To get some good vertical every year requires being strategic about booking ski trips — especially for those popular three-day holiday weekends. With the ever-rising costs of lift tickets, flights, lodging, rental cars and sometimes ski rentals, one quick weekend can easily turn into a multi-thousand dollar adventure.

That’s why it is so important to plan ahead for complicated trips. After all, the best time to buy your lift tickets is before the previous winter has even ended. We bought our ski passes back in April.

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Points and miles help to reduce costs, though there is only so much one can do, especially with a big group. Often you can book airfare with miles, but the available hotel rooms may not fit your group’s needs. If you need to sleep four to

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