A Highland Park woman was recently victimized by a pair of squatters who took over her apartment while she was on vacation — wearing her clothes, using her shower and claiming the place was theirs when police came calling.

She told CBS Los Angeles reporter Lesley Marin all about the incident, which happened when she and her roommates were out of town and the couple broke into their apartment through her bedroom window.

“All my clothes, down to the underwear, the socks, my Yeezys, my pants,” Virginia Pinto recalled.

The female squatter

Virigina Pinto

That wasn’t all they took advantage of, apparently camping out in her room, using her bed and bathing in her shower during their extensive stay, which began some time before the woman was arrested on Aug. 9, when one of the roommates returned home and came face-to-face with the squatters.

When she called police, the man

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Nick Cannon and Brittany Bell are spending time together with their two children in Guam.

The Wild N’ Out host took to his Instagram to share a series of photos from their babymoon/family getaway on Tuesday.

The first photo in the carousel finds Bell, who is pregnant with the pair’s third child, posing alongside Cannon in front of the resort as he cradles her baby bump.

In the next few snaps, Cannon and Bell cuddle up in front of an absolutely stunning sunset. The comedian also shared some silly selfies with their two kids, 5-year-old son Golden Sagon and 19-month-old daughter Powerful Queen.

“Thank you to the @thetsubakitower for taking care of my family and I while in Guam! Such a wonderful experience! Hafa Adai!” Cannon captioned the post.

Fans took to the comments to show their love for both Cannon and Bell. One fan wrote: “Adorable. I’m sooooo

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I start mourning a trip before it’s even over.

The stages of grief came in full force on Day 5 of a six-day bike trip through Maine, complete with bargaining to extend the trip; anger and depression when my boyfriend said we couldn’t; and finally acceptance, which hit a few miles from our final destination.

It’s not that I hate life at home, or that I’ll never travel again. It’s knowing that each trip is like a snowflake: unique and fleeting. You can plan a similar trip or go back to the same place, but you’ll never be able to capture its exact magic again.

Your guide to planning fall travel

As far as life’s struggles go, this one wallows at the bottom of the barrel — way, way below the actually painful stuff. But I’m not alone in feeling this way.

“We hear it from patients and our

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Image for article titled It's A Bummer The West's First My Summer Vacation Game Had To Be This One

Image: Shin chan: Me and the Professor on Summer Vacation The Endless Seven-Day Journey

In 2000, a game called Boku no Natsuyasumi (“My Summer Vacation”) was released on the PlayStation. As the name suggests, it was about being a kid on summer vacation, and its slow pace and cruisy setting made it something of a cult classic, though one that sadly never saw an official English-language release.

Over the decades a number of other games were released in the series, on PlayStation 2, PSP and PS3, and each one was largely the same experience, asking players to guide a young boy through the day doing stuff like fishing, collecting bugs and going for a swim.

Based around a calendar, the best way I think I can describe the games to anyone who hasn’t played them is to imagine Persona 4’s daily schedule and idyllic rural setting, and then

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